Sedona Bike Shop Repairs and Maintenance

Full Tune: Includes hub adjustment, wheel true (detailed), derailleur adjustment, brake adjustment, drive train wash & degrease, safety/bolt check.   $75

Basic Tune: Includes derailleur adjustment, brake adjustment, drive train wash & degrease, safety/bolt check $45

Tubeless Setup: Single. Includes valves, tape, sealant (no tire) $35

Tubeless Fix: Single. Patching or plugging tire if able $15

Tube/Tire Install: Single $5.00

Sealant Injection: Single. Topping off a tubeless wheel with sealant (we use Stan’s.) Includes Price of sealant. $7

Hub Adjust/Clean: Single. Cleaning and adjustment of sealed bearing hubs (if adjustable) or repacking and adjusting loose ball hubs. $25

Brake Adjust: Single. Adjust Mechanical brakes to align pads, even out levers, and maximize stopping power. We may recommend replacing old pads if they are worn, contaminated, or dry and cracking. $10

Brake Bleed: Single. Flush and replace old brake fluid and purge all air from the hydraulic brake system to ensure the best braking performance possible. This service includes examining brake pads for wear and contamination. Shimano – $20/All other brands – $30. Not currently servicing Magura brakes

Derailleur Adjustment: $10 – check and adjust limit screws, cable tension, b-spring tension, and check hanger alignment (straighten hanger +10) (not liable for broken hangers)

New Cable + Housing: Single cable $30 includes cable, housing, and labor. If the derailleur hanger is bent, or the derailleur limits and b-tension are off, the bike may also need a derailleur adjustment.

Drive Train Degrease/Full Clean: $35 – degreasing of chain, chainrings, and cassette, includes removal of cassette and crankset to clean freehub bodies and crank/chainring interface.

Fork Seal Service: Includes oil, not seals $70

Taping: Price varies depending on coverage of frame as well as type of application. Please ask for more details $20 – $90

Box and Ship Bike: Carefully packing your bike into a bike box and shipping to continental US. $150

We can ship elsewhere but shipping fees may increase.

Frame Linkage Service: replacement of bearings and/or bushings and hardware where applicable for the rear suspension linkage of a full suspension bike. does not include parts $65

Hanger Alignment/Install: replacement or alignment of bent or broken derailleur hanger. Typically done at the same time of derailleur adjustment. $10

Wheel True – straightening of a wheel through the adjustment of spoke tension. Price ranges depending on severity of the wobble/out of round. $15 – $35

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